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This case study reviews an active Underground Storage Tank (UST) case with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), where the site needed to meet ADEQ closure levels quickly in order to seek risk-based closure as part of a property transaction. After performing remedial assessment activities, the consulting firm Antea Group selected a combined remedy approach from REGENESIS, which included soil mixing using RegenOx® and H2O2 in the source zone and ISCO injections using PersulfOx® in the core plume. The solution from REGENESIS achieved ADEQ Closure levels for the site and now Antea Group is seeking a risk-based closure.

Case study highlights:

  • Significant contaminant reductions achieved in both the source area and core plume
  • 8-10 weeks of time saved compared to alternative approaches
  • $500,000 saved in project costs compared to alternative Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) approach being considered

About the Environmental Consultant:

REGENESIS Remediation Solutions Antea Group
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