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This case study reviews an active gasoline station in Springerville, Arizona was listed as a hazardous Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) site by the state of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). After 30 years of using a number of approaches, REGENESIS was contacted to perform ISCO and bioremediation with PersulfOx® and ORC Advanced®. Thorough Design Verification Testing confirmed the proper application of the remedial solution. After the 6,250 square foot area was treated, there were reductions of up to 90% for BTEX concentrations (2,000 μg/L to 20 μg/L Benzene). RRS completed the project in a cost-effective manner and site closure has been approved by the ADEQ.

Case study highlights:

  • Site closure achieved after 30 years as an open LUST case
  • Innovative “Outside-In” approach incorporated an injection design that started from perimeter of the treatment area and progressed toward the center of the plume
  • First event application completed within seven days with a second event completed in nine days the following month without disruption to active site