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This case study reviews a residential site in northwestern Massachusetts where the groundwater was contaminated with 200 gallons of home heating fuel oil. PetroFix Remediation Fluid reduced the heating oil constituents to below detectable limits, resulting in successful regulatory closure.

Case study highlights:

  • PetroFix successfully remediated the fuel oil contaminant spill and the site achieved regulatory closure.
  • After three quarters of sampling the contaminants were below groundwater exceedance levels and within Method 1 standards for groundwater.
  • Combined remedial approach included excavation and PetroFix injection.

After an excavation, WjF GeoConsultants created a remedial plan for the impacted groundwater which employed PetroFix to treat the remaining petroleum hydrocarbons. PetroFix is an affordable and effective technology which removes hydrocarbons from the dissolved phase and then stimulates hydrocarbon biodegradation by adding electron acceptors. In October 2018, WjF applied 800 lbs of PetroFix Remedial Solution. Following the application, WjF conducted three quarters of sampling which indicated that the contaminants were below groundwater exceedance levels and were within Method 1 Standards for groundwater. Following the third sampling event, the site received regulatory closure from the state.