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This ebook outlines some tools and resources to assist environmental professionals in maximizing their investment in Opportunity Zone areas. Opportunity Zones, many of which are environmentally impacted properties, can be an excellent vehicle for investment and allow developers to generate value for both themselves and local communities. By utilizing the right tools and resources, the cost of environmental remediation can be limited while still achieving the desired results and helping to maximize return on investment.

eBook highlights:

  • How using a combined remedial approach can lead to positive results
  • Effective use of vapor mitigation systems speed approvals and create a safe indoor environment
  • Be sure your team is using advanced diagnostic tools
  • Choose a service provider that understands the technology and delivers results

When it comes to site cleanup, there are many available approaches, each of which must be carefully considered to achieve maximum impact both technologically and economically. Selecting the proper technology to deal with environmental issues can lead to immediate cost savings due to the streamlining of construction schedules or as compared to other applicable remedial technologies or future cost savings from the reduction of overall risk.

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