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This case study reviews a former bulk petroleum storage facility where a groundbreaking application of PetroFix Remediation Fluid, a micro-scale carbon suspension with soluble electron acceptors, is successfully treating petroleum hydrocarbons to IDEM standards.

Case study highlights:

  • Beta test of PetroFix provided promising results leading to a full-scale application
  • At just one month post-injection, the petroleum VOCs and gasolinerange organics were essentially eliminated from the groundwater and remain so at nine months
  • PetroFix remedial solution is designed to remediate petroleum contamination completely at the lowest total cost to closure
  • Collaborative remediation success between Patriot, Microbial Insights, and REGENESIS

REGENESIS worked with Patriot Engineering and Environmental to develop a remediation solution using PetroFix, which is uniquely designed to address petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants. The site was considered a viable candidate for the beta test, due to the high contaminant levels and provided a good test of the product’s performance at high concentrations. REGENESIS and Patriot agreed to move forward with the development of the beta test with the intention of evaluating its possible full-scale use following the results of the test. The promising results from the beta test and 12 months of post-injection monitoring indicate PetroFix to be a viable remedial option for this site.