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In recent years, remediation professionals have faced protracted timeframes and increased costs associated with groundwater contamination at complex sites. The National Research Council (NRC) has identified back diffusion (also known as matrix back diffusion) as one of the prominent processes that limit our ability to clean up groundwater at such sites. There is clearly a need for techniques that address groundwater contamination associated with matrix back diffusion and thus allow faster and lower-cost cleanup of contaminated sites. This technical bulletin demonstrates that PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon is the solution to this problem.

PlumeStop Technical Bulletin 6.1 covers:

  • Why back diffusion is a problem

  • A treatment solution for back diffusion as demonstrated in a tank study led by Dr. Tom Sale, Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University

  • Analysis of the ability of PlumeStop to provide an immediate and sustained treatment for contaminants back diffusing out of low permeable soil zones