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AquaZVI Technical Bulletin covers:

  • Study demonstrating the improved longevity of AquaZVI

  • Batch study demonstrating increased reactivity with sulfidated ZVI

  • Batch study demonstrating less formation of 1,1-DCA with AquaZVI

This technical bulletin demonstrates that AquaZVI solves the problem of reagent inefficiency when treating groundwater contamiants with zero-valent iron (ZVI). ZVI provides a source of electrons that facilitate the electrochemical reduction of chlorinated contaminants to benign end products. However, the effectiveness of ZVI is lessened by the competing reaction with water to produce molecular hydrogen. When ZVI reacts with water, the particle surface becomes passivated with oxide and hydroxide species, and this corrosion of the surface limits further reaction between the ZVI and the targeted contaminants. Thus, the development of ZVI materials that react preferentially with target contaminants over water is desirable.