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Vapor Intrusion regulatory guidelines are rapidly changing. In order to offer our clients with the latest industry knowledge, we are pleased to present a webinar with vapor intrusion expert Dr. Blayne Hartman of Hartman Environmental Geoscience. During this webinar presentation, Dr. Hartman will discuss the latest in national regulatory changes along with practical assessment strategies for navigating the vapor intrusion pathway.

His discussion will include:
  • The latest updates to national regulations on the vapor intrusion pathway
  • Most recent pathway assessment issues
  • Tips for choosing the proper investigatory approach
Thomas Szocinski, CEP, Director of Vapor Intrusion for Land Science, will also review vapor intrusion mitigation solutions offered, including Geo-Seal® Vapor Intrusion Barrier, Retro-Coat™ Vapor Intrusion Coating and Vapor Vent™ systems.

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