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    REGENESIS Remediation Solutions webinar

    We are pleased to have a special guest speaker: Canadian remediation expert Rick McGregor, President of InSitu Remediation Services Ltd in Canada, present this webinar. He will be discussing the in situ remediation of PFAS at a site in eastern Canada using PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon.

    This is a case study of a former industrial furniture manufacturing site in Canada on which a fire training facility was co-located. The site was to be remediated for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination when analysis indicated that PFOA and PFOS was present within the groundwater. Using direct push technology, Liquid Activated Carbon along with ORC Advanced was injected at 50 locations within the silty sand aquifer to address the groundwater contamination. Ongoing validation testing, now over an 18-month period, has shown that the PFOA and PFOS (as well as the petroleum hydrocarbons) had been rapidly reduced and maintained at below detection limits.

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    About the Presenter:

    REGENESIS Webinar about PlumeStop with special guest presenter Rick McGregor
    President, InSitu Remediation Services Ltd
    Rick McGregor is the President of InSitu Remediation Services Ltd and has over 26 years’ experience in groundwater and soil assessment and remediation. Rick has worked in over 30 countries and has authored numerous papers on groundwater assessment and remediation. Rick holds a M.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in hydrogeology and geochemistry and is a Certified Ground Water Professional in Canada and the United States.