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This multi-site case study reviews eight underground storage tank (UST) sites where the leading global environmental consulting firm Antea® Group has closed the site or positioned it to be on-track for closure using PetroFix.

Multi-site case study highlights:

  • Case studies of eight UST sites closed or on-track for site closure using PetroFix, including contaminants treated, approach, remedial design and results
  • Antea Group applied PetroFix using in situ application methods which included direct push injections through grid and barrier arrays and excavation emplacement
  • Why Antea Group readily adopted a promising new remedial amendment for site closures

Antea Group is amongst the first environmental consulting companies to recognize and adopt PetroFix as a tool to rapidly reduce PHC impacts and achieve remedial objectives in groundwater. Applying PetroFix with economic efficiency, the company successfully advanced a portfolio of legacy UST release sites through the closure process over a short timeframe. In this effort, Antea Group sought and obtained approvals through multiple state regulatory agencies, self-completed the designs to determine dosing and injection layouts, implemented PetroFix treatments using different in situ application methods, and conducted performance monitoring to demonstrate remedial objective attainment.