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Land Science presented a webinar with Dora Taggart, President of Microbial Insights, Inc., and Sam Rosolina, PhD, Director of the Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) Laboratory at Microbial Insights. In this webinar, Dora and Sam discussed incorporating CSIA in vapor intrusion investigations. They were joined by Tom Szocinski, CEP, Director of Vapor Intrusion at Land Science, who discussed innovative new vapor barrier technologies that are more protective and more cost-effective. The following Q&A include questions from the audience, with answers from Sam Rosolina and Dora Taggart.

Questions about Compound Specific Isotope Analysis include:

  • What if you have a current building mitigation system in place; do you offer any guidance on equilibration prior to CSIA?
  • How does this work if the TCE is from degraded PCE?
  • Why do you collect your groundwater sample upgradient of source?

The questions summarized in this FAQ as part of the Land Science “Distinguished Speaker” webinar series, were provided by our guest presenters, Dora Taggart and Sam Rosolina, PhD in response to questions fielded throughout the webinar presentation. REGENESIS and Land Science are grateful to both Ms. Taggart and Dr. Rosolina for sharing their expertise. Land Science is dedicated to providing relevant, industry-leading content in support of client partners globally. Any use or reproduction of the contents of this FAQ document must be approved by Land Science, REGENESIS and/or Microbial Insights.

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