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This article published in Environmental Science & Engineering magazine discusses the problem with PFAS waste incineration.

Article highlights:

  • The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) released a memo placing a moratorium on the incineration of materials containing PFAS.
  • No commercially available disposal or incineration methods have proven effective at preventing the ‘forever chemicals’ from being recycled back into the environment.
  • The use of the colloidal activated carbon (CAC) technology to contain PFAS in place avoids the creation and disposal of wastes whose ultimate fate cannot be assured.

CAC has been successfully applied at PFAS-contaminated sites worldwide. The patented CAC technology from REGENESIS filters PFAS from groundwater to remove human and environmental exposure risks. Treating contaminants in place eliminates the generation of PFAS waste products. Injection of PlumeStop® CAC avoids the financial and environmental costs of installing, operating and maintaining pump-and-treat systems. CAC PFAS treatments are designed to immobilize PFAS for decades following a single application.

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