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This case study reviews a former gasoline station located in the Florida Panhandle, where an underground storage tank (UST) release site is now poised for closure. After reviewing the available remedial options, Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC (AET), a leading environmental consulting and engineering firm, determined PetroFix® Remediation Fluid would provide the most economical and efficient means to reduce concentrations below the groundwater cleanup target levels and achieve site closure.

Case study highlights:

  • Injecting PetroFix was the lowest cost option and fastest route to site closure
  • An air sparge/multi-phase extraction (AS/MPE) system provided significant reductions to PHC concentrations, but was unable to meet required cleanup levels.
  • PetroFix application quickly achieves cleanup goals and sustains reductions for over two years

Injection of PetroFix, a field-proven, colloidal activated carbon technology developed for PHC treatment, is a highly targeted and minimally invasive in situ approach, requiring low pressure for injection delivery. Since this was an active business, these features were favored for the minimal impact on operations compared to other approaches.

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