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This case study reviews a former Naval Auxiliary Air Station located in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. After a thorough evaluation of viable remedies for petroleum contamination, the project team opted for an in-situ injection of PetroFix® Remediation Fluid to remediate the contaminants through a combination of sorption and bioremediation by adding electron acceptors.

Case study highlights:

  • PetroFix application successfully reduces Benzene moving site toward closure
  • Primed for closure, the site meets stringent North Carolina Groundwater Quality Standards (NCGWQS)
  • Visual confirmation in soil cores and monitoring wells allows the field crew to make real-time adjustments to ensure proper distribution

The goal for this site is to achieve closure as cost-effectively as possible. Site closure is most directly achieved by reducing contaminant concentrations below the applicable NCGWQS for four consecutive sampling events. This sorption-enhanced biostimulation approach was evaluated as the most viable, cost-effective means to to reach the NCGWQS targets and achieve site closure in a reasonable timeframe.

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