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This case study reviews a full-scale PetroFix remediation program that was designed and implemented at seven locations to treat petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) following a successful field pilot test.

Case study highlights:

  • Previous pilot testing results provided promising results leading to a full-scale application
  • PetroFix is designed to remediate petroleum contamination completely at the lowest total cost to closure
  • Site closure strategy included reducing groundwater concentrations, inhibiting plume migration, and demonstrating plume stability site-wide

Two post-injection groundwater sampling events were completed in June and September 2019. In December 2019, a supplemental PetroFix injection was completed in the PHC source area onsite following the PersulfOx and ORC-A pretreatment step and groundwater equilibration. Additionally, a new treatment area was added where a small quantity of PetroFix was injected.