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This case study reviews a former chemical manufacturing facility in Texas where PlumeStop® Colloidal Activated Carbon was used in a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) to halt the movement of chlorinated solvents in groundwater.

Case study highlights:

  • Innovative remedial approach addresses large PCE plume at a bedrock site under the CERCLA-Regulatory Framework
  • Substrates successfully addressed contaminants in the Ogallala Sandstone
  • PlumeStop PRB successfully cut off PCE and chlorinated solvent daughter products and prevented further movement downgradient toward private water supply wells

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC, a leading multi-disciplinary environmental and engineering consulting firm, contracted REGENESIS to implement the solution. PlumeStop was to be applied as part of an in situ bioremediation PRB near the distal end of the plume to promote sorption-enhanced natural attenuation of the contaminants.