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PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon TM is composed of very fine particles of activated carbon (1-2µm) suspended in water through a unique organic polymer dispersion chemistry. Once in the subsurface, the material behaves as a colloidal biomatrix, sorbing to the aquifer matrix, rapidly removing contaminants from groundwater, and enhancing permanent contaminant biodegradation. The objective of this study was to precisely evaluate in detail the movement of PlumeStop through a simple permeable soil medium over field-relevant distances, an extended column study was performed in the laboratory.

PlumeStop Technical Bulletin 1.1 covers:

  • PlumeStop® distribution through > 16' (5 m) packed medium readily achieved

  • Even coating of sand matrix with PlumeStop ensured

  • Retained coating not subject to washout

  • No detectable impact on permeability