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PlumeStop rapidly sorbs organic contaminants from aqueous solution within hours of application. Pollutants partition directly into the PlumeStop particles that are sorbed to the soil formation, thereby removing the pollutants from groundwater. Pollutants are removed from groundwater through sorption to PlumeStop particles which have partitioned to the soil formation. Contaminant advection in the aqueous phase is thereby eliminated and contaminant partitioning into the vapor phase is also reduced (Henry’s Law). Results can be dramatic, with groundwater cleanup objectives often met within days of PlumeStop application. This technical bulletin delves more thoroughly into sorption of contaminants by PlumeStop.

PlumeStop Technical Bulletin 2.1 covers:

  • Principles of PlumeStop sorption

  • PlumeStop sorption isotherms

  • Significance as a remediation tool