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Case study highlights:

  • The former industrial site required an effective vapor mitigation solution to move the federally funded project forward

  • The consultant determined TerraShield was the safest and most cost-effective vapor barrier system to install at this site

  • The installation of TerraShield was completed on schedule and the site is currently pending closure (NFA)

A former industrial site located in Southern California was targeted for redevelopment and chosen to be developed into a federally funded public site. Historical operations left the original property contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition to the presence of these contaminants, new buildings constructed in the area are required to feature a vapor intrusion mitigation system due to the presence of methane gas in the soil, which may eventually enter unprotected buildings on the surface. Because of these factors and the completed site’s intended purpose for public use, an effective vapor mitigation system was necessary.

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