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This case study reviews remedial programs undertaken at the Solvents Recovery Service of New England (SRSNE), where soil and groundwater were contaminated with VOCs and PFAS contaminants.

Case study highlights:

  • Estimated savings of $400,000 annually as a result of halting pump and treat operations
  • PlumeStop quickly reduced PFOS/PFOA levels and in combination with AquaZVI eliminated VOC contaminant concentrations
  • Extension of the popular Rails to Trails route now runs through the property, as a result of successful remediation efforts

The site was placed on the National Priorities List in 1983 and by 1991, all activities stopped as the site ceased operations. Since shutting down, the site has benefited from significant remediation efforts. In 2018, an innovative remedial approach incorporated natural attenuation with the use of PlumeStop® to work with an existing sheet pile structure to limit the mobility of the plume and effectively treat contaminant concentrations. PlumeStop quickly reduced PFOS/PFOA levels and in combination with AquaZVI® eliminated VOC contaminant concentrations. It is estimated that the PRP group involved will save $400,000 annually with the shut down of the pump and treat system on site.

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