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Case study highlights:

  • Terra-Shield chosen due to its high chemical resistance

  • Successful contaminant vapor intrusion mitigation allows for new state-of-the-art animal center to open to the public

  • Installation was seamless due to the use of NitraCore, TerraShield’s spray-applied nitrile-modified asphalt

A local animal welfare organization needed a new building and outdoor space to provide a state-of-the-art center for animal care in an urban community. United Consulting, a multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consulting firm based in Georgia, was engaged to develop a plan for remediating the soil impacts and assessing vapor intrusion risk at a prospective site. Methane was identified in the vapor phase, requiring mitigation to reduce the vapor intrusion risk. United Consulting specified TerraShield due to its high level of protection against contaminant vapor intrusion. With the building protected from vapor intrusion by TerraShield, the facility workers, prospective pet foster parents, and the animals are ensured a safe breathing environment.

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