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In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation by Global PetroFix Product Manager, Todd Herrington, PetroFix Design Specialist, Tyler Harris, and Steven Sittler, P.G., Senior Project Manager for Patriot Engineering and Environmental. This joint presentation focused on best practices for designing and applying PetroFix Remedial Fluid to help ensure successful remediation outcomes.

Learn the following in this free webinar:

  • How PetroFix rapidly treats dissolved hydrocarbon contamination and example application scenarios.

  • Key design factors to consider when using the PetroFix Online Design Assistant software and/or developing your remedial conceptual model.

  • Best injection practices to ensure contact and distribution.

  • Product performance where PetroFix was used at a large industrial site in Indiana to achieve plume stability and keys to injection success.

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About the Presenters:

REGENESIS Webinar with special guest presenter Todd Herrington
Global PetroFix Product Manager, REGENESIS
Mr. Herrington serves as the Global PetroFix Product Manager for REGENESIS, directing the expansion of the new hydrocarbon treatment line in the global marketplace and provides industry-leading support to REGENESIS customers. Mr. Herrington has over 24 years of environmental remediation experience primarily focused on in-situ remediation. He has been involved with thousands of contaminated site remediation projects during his tenure at REGENESIS and has expertise with enhanced bioremediation, chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, and carbon sorption. He earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University and his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Herrington also received his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license in his home state of Colorado.

REGENESIS Webinar with special guest presenter Tyler Harris
PetroFix Design Specialist, REGENESIS
Tyler Harris is PetroFix Design Specialist for REGENESIS. Mr. Harris leverages his microbiology experience and prior field experience as a REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) Scientist to design in-situ remedial injection applications using PetroFix activated carbon following the release of petro chemicals in soil and groundwater. He has been with REGENESIS since 2016. He earned his B.S. in Biology from Mercer University and his M.S. in Applied and Environmental Microbiology from the Georgia State University.

REGENESIS Remediation Solutions Steven Sittler, P.G.
Senior Project Manager, Patriot Engineering and Environmental
Mr. Sittler has more than 30 years of technical experience in applied hydrogeology, with specialized experience in remedial strategy development and implementation. He has managed and performed hundreds of site investigations, audits and assessments at industrial facilities, service stations, petroleum and chemical refineries, and landfills in more than 20 states and has expertise in all aspects of remedial strategy development and remedial system design, installation and operation. He has coordinated, designed and managed more than 1,000 hydrogeologic assessment/remediation projects involving both implementation of innovative closure strategies and unique applications of conventional technologies for petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Mr. Sittler holds a B.S. in Earth Sciences from the University of Indianapolis, an M.S. in Geology from Purdue University, and is a Registered Professional Geologist in five states.