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The eBook covers:

  • Why leading developers are specifying MonoShield to preemptively mitigate risk

  • Reduce risk to human health by mitigating the threat of vapor intrusion

  • Installation is 40% faster compared to alternate plastic sheeting or HDPE welded systems

Historically, easily-punctured thin-mil plastic sheets or inflexible and difficult-to-seal High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Barriers were the only option for vapor mitigation at large warehouses or sites where regulatory requirements were not a driving risk factor. These solutions offered either chemical resistance or constructability, but not both. Composed of an innovative, metallized-film, MonoShield sets the standard for preventing diffusion and permeation of chemical vapors. Its nitrile-based asphalt latex ensures a seal far more effective and easier to apply than tape-based or heat-welded systems.

MonoShield offers the best of both worlds; providing developers with a viable long-term solution for reducing liability and protecting human health at a competitive cost. MonoShield is the perfect solution for large, low-level-contaminant sites where developers want to install a pre- emptive vapor mitigation system to ensure peace of mind.

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