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The objective of this study is to asses the effects of adding soluble divalent iron (DVI) to emulsified electron donor mixtures to promote the biogeochemical destruction of TCE, PCE, cis-1,2 DCE, and VC in groundwater. 24 projects sites were studied, comprising 100 performance monitoring wells across the US. Wells that received the DVI showed increased dechlorination rates, improved contaminant reduction, and limited daughter product formation relative to the wells that did not receive the DVI.

Highlights of the study featured in this research article:

  • Time required for a well to reach 90% from peak concentration was improved in the treatments that included the DVI
  • Total time to degrade chlorinated ethenes through VC was also improved
  • Daughter product formation was less for wells where the DVI was added
  • Total cost to add a DVI amendment was less than $3/cubic yard

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About the Authors:

Rick McGregor is the President of InSitu Remediation Services Ltd Doug Davis
Senior Remediation Design Specialist, REGENESIS
Doug is the Senior Design Geologist for the East Region at REGENESIS. In this capacity he specializes in the design and costing for the use of in situ-applied groundwater and soil remediation technologies, directs and/or manages their application and assesses project performance. He serves as a senior technical advisor at REGENESIS. Mr. Davis has over 24 years of environmental investigation and site remediation experience and has served as the Central Region Technical Services Manager at REGENESIS for over 12 years. Mr. Davis is also principally responsible for the development of the application design software used for REGENESIS’ in situ remedial technologies and serves as a technical advisor within REGENESIS for their application across a wide spectrum of geological conditions and delivery methods.

Rick McGregor is the President of InSitu Remediation Services Ltd Owen Miller
Remediation Design Specialist, REGENESIS
As the group’s Remediation Design Specialist, Owen Miller brings valuable project experience and technical design expertise to the team. He joined REGENESIS in 2014 as a Project Supervisor with REGENESIS Remedial Services (RRS), where he obtained hands-on experience performing remedial injections. This, coupled with his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, provides an invaluable platform for his role as a remediation design specialist. To be a successful remediation design specialist for REGENESIS one needs a solid scientific background as well as a practical understanding of what can and cannot be done in the field. Owen has experience in both areas, which translates to successful projects for REGENESIS clients.