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This case study reviews a former manufacturing site in Fullerton, CA, where a trichloroethylene (TCE) plume contaminated the groundwater and prevented the sale of the brownfield site. REGENESIS designed an injection plan using micron-scale Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) due to its proven ability to effectively reduce contaminant levels within a subsurface environment.

Case study highlights:

  • REGENESIS’ micron-scale ZVI is applied under low-pressure and does not require fracking.
  • In just one month following the application, monitoring shows successful reduction of the TCE plume.
  • Hargis + Associates and Gregg Drilling helped to implement an innovative drilling design which applied the remedial agent through ten points simultaneously at under 50 psi.

In order to complete the remediation and move forward with the sale, Hargis + Associates worked with REGENESIS to develop an in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) design to address the plume. Regulatory limits on pounds per square inch (psi) were enforced for all injections. REGENESIS, Hargis + Associates, and Gregg Drilling worked closely with the regulatory agency to ensure that the remediation and injection of the ZVI would be completed at a low pressure. After gaining regulatory approval, Gregg Drilling injected 50,000 gallons at less than 80 psi. Within a month, this low-pressure application yielded as much as 100% reductions in some zones.